Frequently Asked Questions

What is “pain” or “problem-solving” massage?
This service is for those who have pains that bother them or ongoing, repeating issues. These often interfere with sleep or everyday life or hobbies and may include headaches, migraines, hip pain, shoulder pain, back pain or foot pain.

60/75 minutes (1 hour +) is best for part of a larger treatment plan
90 minutes (1.5 hours) is best for in-depth or “detail” work
120 minutes (2 hours) is best for more than one area, or a particularly tense area
180 minutes (3 hours) is best for more than two areas of focus

What is relaxation massage?
Massage to reduce your stress levels and relieve tension is best described as massage for relaxation. Keep in mind that this is about your goals for the massage!

45 minutes is best for one area of focus
60 minutes is best for whole body or two areas of focus
90 minutes is best for whole body with one major area of focus

Do you give couples massage?
We do not provide couples massage at this time.

Do you accept my insurance or HSA/FSA?
Please use this link to check for coverage: Holistic Billing Services
If your insurance will not commit to being billed by us, we can provide documentation so that you may be reimbursed. We cannot guarantee they will reimburse you.
We do not accept Medicaid nor Medicare nor Tricare.
We DO accept HSA and FSA cards at checkout, with the understanding that whether or not massage is covered is between you and your HSA/FSA provider.

Do you give “gay massage”?
Is that when we listen to Cher and there are rainbows? Because that’s every day. If you are referring to erotic services or prostate massage, no. We do not perform erotic services. We do not interact with major erogenous zones. If you are looking for these services, look elsewhere.

If you solicit these services from our licensed massage therapist or any other staff, your massage will be over immediately and you will be charged the full price of your booked treatment. No exceptions will be made to this rule.

I can’t make my appointment but don’t want to cancel. Can I send someone else?
We are a by-appointment-only office and consider our clients’ and our therapists’ privacy and safety very seriously. Since we do not take walk-in appointments, the person who is registered for the appointment is the one who needs to arrive for the appointment unless otherwise coordinated with Mythic. For more details, please contact our Front Desk.