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You are a one-of-a-kind person with a one-of-a-kind body. You shouldn’t have a formulaic massage. You deserve care and relaxation customized to your unique needs. Conveniently located just off of route 74, only 10 minutes outside of Uptown Charlotte, Mythic Massage offers a completely personalized massage experience.

​Nosotros tenemos un masajista licenciado en NC y en VA que habla español.


Stress is a part of modern life, but it doesn’t have to dominate it. Take control of your mental and physical health with relaxation massage.


Heavy lifting, strain, and physical stress can lead to muscle pain. It can take over your life and Mythic knows how to help.


Alleviate the stresses and pains of pregnancy and make it a better experience for you and your baby with prenatal massage.


Performers have unique needs as they exert their bodies and move in uncommon ways. It’s critical to keep your body in tip-top shape, and our massage therapist can help.


Athletes push their bodies to the limits of human capabilities, meaning that they require specialized massage to allow them to continue their athletic endeavors as long as possible. 


Stress and health go hand-in-hand. Help your employees stay healthy, reduce stress, and create a better work environment with corporate massages that have proven benefits.


Mythic bills insurance!

Plans vary a great deal, however, and not all of them cover massage. Some require specific doctor referral or prescription. Others won’t pay directly but will reimburse. Please click the below link to check for coverage. Mythic will make every reasonable effort to help you with coverage.

Mythic also accepts FSA and HSA debit/credit cards!

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Maks is a massage wizard. He is extraordinary at finding what’s wrong and fixing it without making you feel beaten up afterward.

jessica b.

Absolutely loved getting a custom massage for my needs. Walked in with several problems and walked out feeling like a totally different person. So relaxing and loved the atmosphere!

Katie V.

I just had the best massage of my life! Maks listened to my needs and I feel like I had a very individualized (specific to me) massage. Thank you!!!! I’ll be back for sure!