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Our Specializations


Heavy lifting, strain, and physical stress can lead to muscle pain. It can take over your life and Mythic knows how to help.


Performers have unique needs as they exert their bodies and move in uncommon ways. It’s critical to keep your body in tip-top shape and our massage therapists can help.


Athletes push their bodies to the limits of human capabilities, meaning that they require specialized massage to allow them to continue their athletic endeavors as long as possible.


Alleviate the stresses and pains of pregnancy and make it a better experience for you and your baby with prenatal massage.

You are a one-of-a-kind person with a one-of-a-kind body. Your care should meet your unique needs.

About Mythic

Mythic’s therapists are all licensed LMBTs in North Carolina. They utilize a method developed by Maks Gomez, called the Mythic Method, which utilizes heat and positioning for deeper, more impactful results. 

“I can't recommend y'all enough. After the massage you gave me, I stopped making toxic FB posts for like two weeks - I was too relaxed to care.”

– Nada

“It was like taking off an ill fitting corset. Except the corset was my muscles.”

– Basil

“Mythic Massage is downright MAGICAL. I've been to all those chain massage places and some indie therapists; they don't know a trapezius from a trapeze. The folks at Mythic KNOW WHAT'S UP! They know the muscular system inside and out and can look at you and know how you broke yourself. Then they unbreak you. You will feel better. You will not hurt. And you may or may not fall asleep. Go there, b*tches. It's awesome.”

– Jess

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Massage for Real Pain Relief: Take Charge of Your Life

Massage for Real Pain Relief: Take Charge of Your Life There are many types of massage therapy and many ways to decide what kind you need. Here at Mythic, we provide functional massage for real pain relief, which is focused on your results. Sometimes called clinical...

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